Fly Bear visits Jackie's Beads Colorado Springs with Dale Cougar Armstrong

Fly Bear popped out of a tool box at Jackie's Beads in Colorado Springs this past weekend, and had a really great time, getting twisted : )

Photo: Dale Cougar Armstrong

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Tibbs goes fishing near Beach Haven, NJ.

When I'm not busy at the TDB Accounting office, I like to spend the day fishing on my yacht—Tibbs

Boating in Little Egg Harbor

I think the key to fishing is catching fish. I consider it an important element to the activity.

Tibbs catches a fish at the new jersey shore

It was a desperate struggle, but I finally landed this monster yellowfin. Wally nearly went over board trying to gaff it in.

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Dingle's Day at the Maritime Museum

TBD staffer Dingle took a trip to Philadelphia. Dingle's day out included a visit to the Independence Seaport Museum for some sailing with a friend.

Dingle's Day at Penn's landing

Sailing with a friend is always the best especially if there is no real water under me because I can't swim. Dudders got wet once and somebody threw him in the dryer! It was fun watching him on the spin cycle, but I get sea sick.

Dingle on the cannon

I had a great time guys, but that's the last time I send a post card. Wally said I am supposed to work on Mondays and won't even pay my travel expenses.

Location: Independence Seaport Museum, Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia

Photo: Robin P.

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Cuddling at Kynance Cove

The Cornish coast is well-known bear habitat and the perfect place for a hug.

Photo: Dale Reardon

Bears on Location

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Winter at St Michael's Mount by photographer Dale Reardon.

A spectacular day on the Cornwall coast near St Michael's Mount. Teddy Bear Diary is pleased to welcome the photography of Dale Reardon and his delightful bears from the Cornish seaside. Visit Dale's "Bears on Location" for more teddy bear treats from across the pond.

Bears on Location by Dale Reardon

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Tidd is our teddy accountant Visit our Meet the Staff page for a behind the scenes look at Teddy Bear Diary.

Tibbs from Accounting

Meet the Staff of Teddy Bear Diary

Photo: Bingle

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This is NOT Chocolate Fudge!

“This is NOT Chocolate Fudge!” —Harlan

Harlan Bear at the 4-H Fair Snack Bar, FL

Photo GerryS

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Caught blue-hander with bluebearries

Caught blue-handed! Kaylin spies a bin of New Jersey blueberries just moments before diving in. A bear and a berry are not long parted. Don't even talk to me about the cleaning bill.

Photo: Tibbs

Location: Southern New Jersey

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