See Bingle in the new issue of Fauxgue!

See the new Fall issue of Fauxgue on September 1st!

Bingle appears in the new issue of Fauxgue

Best wishes to my many adoring fans! I wish there were time to know each of you, but there isn’t so just keep sending the chocolate and know that I am thinking of you— Bingle

Yes Friends, I am delighted to let you know that Fauxgue magazine has landed none other than myself, Chief Editor of Teddy Bear Diary, for the Fall issue.

I cannot tell you how exciting it must be for them. Landing A-list celebrities is a coup for the magazine and I have to congratulate Fauxgue for their relentless pursuit of my publicist. I am sure that not having me on the cover is simply a way of building anticipation. I mean who is that white bear anyway?

By now I am certain all of you are wondering about the contents (of my article), but you will just have to wait until September 1st!

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Ryan Bear hits the trail.

Off for a good days hiking. Check out the new OBX shirt!

Walking down a forest trail.

Nothing like a good mosey down the trail.

Sleeping after the teddy bear walk

Always the best part of a day's hike.

Photos: Ryan the Explorer

Thank you Ryan for stopping by! For more about Ryan, visit Life of Ryan.

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Exploring an Indian burial ground

W...w...ww..wwe're not scared! Dingle and I went for a walk in the yard after work and decided to take a short cut through the ancient Indian Burial Ground. I do this all the time, of course, but Dingle seemed afraid. I was there so I don't know what he needed to be afraid of....err....did you just hear something? Hey guys! Is that one of you out there? Hmm...everyone must have left the office for the day. gotta run. Bye.

Photo: TBD Staff

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Pooky Bear Rear marvels at a New South Wales sunset

Clouds End is the name of a property in Dorrigo, which is in Northern NSW, Australia. We got to see the sunrise and sunset every day when we were there and it was beautiful....

Photo: Pooky Beer Bear

Visit Pooky’s Travels

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Mattie visits the Manitoba Moose Hockey game.

My name is Mattie Behr Ryder and I am a Champ Build a Bear. The picture is from my 1st birthday at a AHL Hockey Game (Manitoba Moose). The location is at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Teddy bears taking a ride.

Me and some of my brothers and sisters....we are getting a ride on Mr. Pillar. He is a really nice caterpillar and a good furriend.

Photo: Keithy Bear

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dingle gets checked=

teddy bear check up

Hey, this isn't so bad.

hand eye coordination teddy bear test

I aced the hand/eye coordination test—piece of cake!

teddy bear meets stethoscope

Yikes, would ya warm that thing up first!

Fit for Life

Whoohoo! I got a clean bill of health. I told you I didn't have fleas!

Photos: TBD staff

Many thanks to the Pitman Animal Hospital for their Teddy Bear Care.

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Sky bear visits Merideth Arnold in Seattle

Sky Bear popped up while I was visiting Meredith Arnold in Seattle. This silly little bear just keeps popping up wherever I go!

Photo: Dale Cougar Armstrong

Cougar’s Creations

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