Rabbit or hidden teddy bear?

Georgetheduck on twitter made me this way for Halloween last year. :) Even tho I look like a bunny, is really me the bear underneath :)

Photo: Kathy E.

Halloween Fester Contest Entry

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Happy and angry Halloween teddy bear ghosts

Don't make this ghost angry!

Angry teddy bear ghost costume

See, I told you!

Photo: Benila Fluffy

Halloween Fester Contest Entry

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The three witches search for candy

By the Prickling in my thumbs...something chocolate this way comes. Trick or treat!!!

Photo: The Three Sisters of the Macabre

Teddy Bear Diary Booster Club staff

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Lilth teddy bear as a Halloween witch

My little witch Lilith and her friend Pumpkin.

Photo: Marie aka Connie Rose Designs

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Sadie finds a 500 pound pumpkin

Sadie and Ock enjoy the October sun atop a 550 pound pumpkin!

Garlic Spice Bear vs the giant pumpkin

You know, I really don't like these things. Is it time to go trick or treating yet?

Photos: Sadie and Garlic Spice.

Location: Longwood Gardens

Teddy Bear Diary Support staff

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Teddy bear love donuts

Donutology is an interesting field of study for a teddy bear. I will have to take these in for a careful analysis. We can start with coffee vs tea.

Photo: Dudders

Location: Amish Market, Mullica Hill, NJ.

Teddy Bear Diary Staff Photo

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New Halloween PJs!

Teddy Tedaloo tries on his new Halloween PJs, a gift from his granny in America.

Ted opens a Halloween Package from America

Teddy Tedaloo receives Halloween cards from family in America. He just received a Halloween package today, so you can imagine the excitement.

Photos: Mitzi Szereto

Halloween Fester Contest Entry

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Ginger spice witch teddy bear costume

I'm Ginger Spice! I'm perky!

Ain't I adorable?

I'm Pokey Spice. Ain't I adorable?

Garlic spice teddy bear witch

I'm Garlic Spice...get used to it.

Beware the Three Sisters of the Macabre.  Fear their frightening appearance on Halloween…and give them lots of candy if you know what is good for you!

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