Timmy of Timmy Time reads to his teddy bear.

Timmy reads to his teddy bear. © Aardman Animations

Teddy Bear Diary is proud to welcome Timmy and his teddy bear. The bears on staff here are ecstatic to have an actor of such caliber visit our website!

Look for more of Timmy and his Teddy Bear in the animated series TIMMY TIME.  Timmy Time appears on Playhouse Disney in the US and on CBeebies in the UK.  The Timmy character was first seen in another popular Aardman Animations production SHAUN THE SHEEP.  Those busy people at Aardman have also recently produced a new series, WALLACE AND GROMIT’S WORLD OF INVENTIONS, which premiered on BBC One on 3rd November.

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A deck chair view in Snowdonia, North Wales

Deckchairs in Snowdonia.

Photo: Wendy Bear

Location: Summit of Mt Snowdon, North Wales, UK

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Bubbles and his friends

Bubbles: Playing with my pals Burnie, Greg and Marley in da fall leaves!

Photo: Bj MacDonald

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The winning names are drawn from the bubbling Caldron of Doom
Thank you one and all for joining in our Halloween party!

The bears of Teddy Bear Diary had a frightfully fun time. We really appreciate those of you that shared our contest and website with your friends and for voting for your favorites on teddybeardiary.com. Special thanks go out to the other friendly Halloween events that shared the fun with throughout this spooky season.


Each and every one of the entries deserves to be a winner! Alas, they are not. There are only four lucky winners. Three runners up will each win a complete set of Teddy Bear Diary magnets! A fourth extremely oh-so-lucky grand prize winner will get a set of Teddy bear Diary magnets plus the (in stock) Butter Side Down Rubber stamp of their choosing! Wow, it just doesn’t get better than that…I mean we could have given away a car, vacation cruise or small aircraft, but this is soooo much better!

Rubber stamp prizes can be viewed at http://myfossilfind.com/trilobite-rubber-stamps

And now it is time to award the lucky winners of the 2010 Halloween Fester! To facilitate our random scientific drawing, the names have been mixed up and thrown into our magic Cauldron of Doom! Proceedings are monitored by one of the Three Sisters of the Macabre and the names are chosen randomly by a strange mummy wearing an appropriate sash that just happened to be walking by the office.

The winners are…

3rd Runner up: Miracle and Frank Bear’s Halloween

2nd Runner up: Duck…Duck…Goose! from Marley Bearmani

1st Runner up: Dooby Griffin and Friends

Grand prize: Black Cats and Blue Witches by Blue Nours

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners from TeddyBearDiary.com!

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Keithy bear starring as the mummy

Ugh, it took me all night to climb out. Did I miss anything?

Teddy bear chilling with the pumpkins

Just hanging out wit my Pumkee's!!!

Photo: Keithy Bear

Halloween Fester Contest Entry

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An acursed mummy bear!


Photo: Darren N.

Halloween Fester Contest Entry

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