Leilani Humunukunalanikahuapaani sees a Hawaiian sunset.

Leilani Humunukunalanikahuapaani enjoys a magnificent Hawaiian sunset.

Photo: Leilani Humunukunalanikahuapaani

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Sailing the high seas

Everybody sing-a-long! Over the sea, let's go men, we're shoving right off, we're shoving right off again! Nobody knows where or when, we're shoving right off, we're shoving right off again! It may be Shanghai, farewell and good-bye, Sally and Sue, don't be blue, for we'll just be gone for years and years and then, we're shoving right off for home, shoving right for home, shoving right off for home again!

Photo: Keithy Bear

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A visit to the Reading Diner.

Sissy continues her search for the perfect pancake. Sausage gravy would be nice too. Today her travels take her to Reading, Pennsylvania. Boy is that restaurant going to be surprised!

Photo: Sissy, Teddy Bear Diary Customer Relations and freelance food critic.

Teddy Bear Diary staff photographer

Location: Reading, PA

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Teddy Bear high over Moscow

Sky bear gets a bird's-eye-view of the Russian capital.

Photo: Dale Cougar Armstrong

Cougar’s Creations

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Taking a hostage for pirate treasure.

Make sure the rope is nice and tight, don't want her squirming away before we get our treasure!

Pirate treasure! What a haul!

What a haul, just what we wanted, now Kill them both! MWHaaaahahahahahahahahahah... Wait, what's that?

Look out! A crocodile!

Ahhhh! A crocodile!

Run awaaaay!


Getaway in the pirate ship

Making our escape on our pirate ship.

Photo: Daniel Bear, Little Dan, Ploofer Meehz, William Bear, Michael Duck

Thanks for the fun, Pirates!

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Look at my bad chariot!

Time to take my bad chariot for a cruise on the track. For you racing fans out there, this is my new Formula 2 speedster with all the latest hi-tech gadgets. I think this one even has a brake somewhere. Here's a picture of me down in the pit area! Vroom! Vroom! Outta my way!!

Photo: Jed

Racetrack, New Jersey

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Happy 2011 Everyone! Make this year a great one!

—Bingle and the Gang

Teddy Bear Dairy Staff

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