Fauxgue magazine is almost here!

Friends, the wait is almost over and the Spring/Summer issue of Fauxgue magazine is nearly here. The new issue will be out on March 1st! Fauxgue will contain the usual insightful collection of fascinating articles and features. Ahem, it will of course have the highly popular and modest Horoscope column from yours truly the All-Knowing Psychic Bingle. Don't miss it!

Fauxgue Magazine

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A big spoon for a small angry bear.

YIkes! We're not exactly sure what has upset Macy this time, but she does appear ready to sanction somebody. We suggest keeping at least 4 steps away and if possible with eyes downcast. For goodness sake, whatever you do, don't try to make eye contact or smile unless you want to feel her spoony wrath!

Photo: Macy Bear

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Garlic inspects a large daisy.

Ok, it's a flower...I'm not impressed. Can we leave now?

Photo: Garlic Spice

Location: Longwood Gardens, PA

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Year of the rabbit anyone?

Did I hear something about a year of the rabbit? About time, my teddies, Gangsta B approves. Bunny on!

Photo: Gangst B, world renown rapper.

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