Look at all the food!

"I train my human pets well - they prepared all this just for me!" —Sleepybear

Location: Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

Photo: The Fluffmily

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Viewing the castles of Bellinzona

Switzerland has always been a favorite country of Stephie & Costa. We especially enjoyed Bellinzona and the 3 castles. It was a long walk up hill, especially for our small legs!

Photo: Stephie and Costa

Location: Bellinzona, Switzerland

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Simon le nounours my teddy bear

Simon watching a sunset at La Rochelle in Charente Maritime.

Photo: Simon le nounours

Location: La Rochelle in Charente Maritime, France.

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I'm dizzy from the dryer

I feel nice and toasty after a spin in the dryer, but it's hard to see straight for a while.

Photo: Daniel Bear

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Mar 162011
St. Patrick's Day Teddy Bears

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Teddy Bear Diary!

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Toy Story teddy bear outfit

I'm getting ready for the carnival. Hands up! You're under arrest!

Photo: Travis Isern

Location: Reus, Spain

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Looking for limpets in Pembrokeshire.

On the mystical Marloes Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Stephie & Costa show off the shells they found stuck to rocks.

Photo: Stephie & Costa

Location: Marloes Beach,  Pembrokeshire, UK

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Stand tall for a pint of Spitfire

Sizing things up for a fresh pint. Teddy Tedaloo appreciates a good measure.

Photo: Mitzi Szereto

Read more about Teddy Tedaloo at Errant Ramblings

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