Waiting at the Buckingham Palace

Stephie: "If the Queen looks at our site, do you think it will be a case of arise Sir Costa and Dame Stephie?" Costa: "No."

Photo: Stephie and Costa

Location: Buckingham Palace: London, United Kingdom

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Vincent, Tweak and Snuffy pause below Peggy's Cover Lighthouse.

We were just showing Vincent (from Germany) around our province. it was so much fun. Here's Vincent my cousin (left), Tweak my monster brother (center) and me, Snuffy Norton-Bearmani.

Photo: Snuffy Norton-Bearmani.

Location: Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Have a heart for Earth Day. For one little bear to you.

My friends, we live on a wonderful planet, but we need to learn to share it with each other and with the other creatures that live here. Go out today and take a moment to notice how spectacularly beautiful it is, then do it tomorrow and every chance you get. If you will accept a suggestion from this one little bear, take care of of this very special place. The Earth is the only world we have, take care of it now and remember to take care of it every day. —Bingle

Happy Earth Day from the gang at

Teddy Bear Diary!

Please share this with your friends today.

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Monkeying around the Cherry tree blossoms.

Happy Spring for all from Judy and Robin! Life can be hard for little simians, but not on a day like today!

Photo: Robin Jimby

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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The Teddy Bear Diary pile into their wagon transport.

We're going on a Teddy Bear Diary staff retreat!

Off to the Company Retreat: Everybody climb aboard!

Shotgun! Ouch! Quite pushing! Smile for the picture! Stop touching me! Ahhh! Where’s my feet! I can’t breath! Hold the camera higher, Dudders, you’re too short! When’s lunch? He’s touching me again! I need to go to the little bear’s room! Are we there yet?  I’m hungry! Did anyone remember the horse?

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Bears on the Cornish coast

Day Trip is the second book in the series. "The Bears of Porthors" After reading a book, Master Jeremy has a great idea for all the bears. Day Trip follows the bears on an exciting expedition in search of Giants,. Two bears find themselves face to face with the unexpected, filled with some great pictures this is another great book in the series. Ideal for children of very young age upwards.

Find out more from Bears on Location

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