Belgian river ride

Teddy Tedaloo strikes a pose in Brugge, Belgium.

Lunch at the pub in Brugge

Meeting up with my mate Metteko at a pub in Brugge, Belgium to enjoy some Kriek cherry bear.

Photo: Teddy Tedaloo and Metteko

Location: Brugge, Belgium

Read more about Teddy’s trip.

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There's nothing better than getting postcards from friends!

A postcard all the way from Oregon!

Hi, Bingle here. We can never hear from enough of our friends! Enougheeyore sent us a postcard all the way from Oregon!
That gives us the opportunity for a teddy bear geography lesson. The bears here are veritable wizards with geography. We even own a large book labeled “Geography” which is too big for us to open, but it must be filled with all sorts of neat stuff.
“Ready Tibbs?”
“OK, Tibbs mapped that on the computer and it is…hold on…where is it? Are you sure? Did you try Wikipedia too? Um…sorry folks, our mistake. Oregon is apparently some sort of cookie you pull apart and lick, but that sounds even better and we love the postcard just as much. Thank you Enougheeyore!
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Teddy bears go Oslo!

Stephie & Costa always like to meet new bear friends, this was a cutie in Oslo.

Photo: Stephie & Costa

Location: Oslo, Norway.

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Siopping by Orlando for a tasty ice cream.

After a long day's work for TBD, I like to stop by for a ice cream twist. It's so refreshing and I get to lick it out of my fur for the rest of the night!

Photo: Sissy

Location: Twistee Treat!

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