teddy bear
Aping around on the Cornish Coast

This is Jimmy at Trevose Head Lighthouse, Padstow, Cornwall.

Photo: Jimmy

Photographer: Arthur Brandon

Location: Trevose Head Lighthouse. Padstow, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Trevose Head Lighthouse is a shore station, built by Thomas and Jacob Olver of Falmouth in 1847, and when first opened it showed two white lights and had no fog horn and a crew of 2 men. A complete revamp of the lighthouse in 1882 resulted in a single rotating white and a crew of 3 men. And another modernisation in 1912 altered the light to a flashing red. Today the lighthouse has a flashing red every 5 seconds with a visibility of 25 miles, it also has a fog horn giving two blasts every 30 seconds. The red light is to be changed to a white.

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