Bingle and his Smarties

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Photo: Bingle Bear: Chief Editor of Teddy Bear Diary

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A crowd of Star Wars Stormtroopers

Keep walking. Waybe they won't notice me. Don't look back. Don't look back. Gotta be cool. Yeah, cool. Maybe if I whistle a bit. Man, never a garbage shute when you want one....

Photo: Dingle

Location: Death Star

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Flea markets have a lot of stuff!

I'm here at the flea market and there sure is a lot of stuff! Heck, these people even brought their laundry!

Jed looks at a fishing reel.

Aha, I think I have spotted exactly what I wanted!

Jed holds a golden Pinnacle fishing reel

This golden fishing reel is so major cool! I think I just might have found a new hobby! Where do they keep the fish?

Photo: Jed

Location: Lancing Lure & Rig, Tac-Pal Flea Market, NJ

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Are there any mussels in Brussels?

Teddy Tedaloo at La Grand-Place in Brussels, Belgium. Are there any mussels in Brussels?

 A hot plate of mussels is perfect for for a teddy bear lunch!

Ah lovely mussels! Teddy Tedaloo enjoys a lunch of mussels in Brussels' Rue de Bouchers.

Photo: Teddy Tedaloo

Location: Rue de Bouchers, Brussels, Belgium

Mitzi Szereto

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