Happy Halloween from the TBD Gang!

Scaramouche, Scaramouche will you do the fandango?

Happy Halloween from Teddy Bear Diary!

(Please eat candy responsibly)

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Live from the Teddy Bear Diary Weather Center

Path of Destruction!

Broken News: This is a special report from the Teddy Bear Diary Weather Center. The TBD Weather Center has just plotted Hurricane Sandy’s path of destruction and…ARGGHH!…. is this right? Um…ok…and is there food in the basement? Well, I think you SHOULD GET SOME THERE!! Uhh…I have to go. Be safe everyone. This has been Bingle reporting live from Hurricane Sandy!

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There's a giant spinning thing coming right at us!

Target East Coast!

Breaking News: This just in from the Teddy Bear Diary Weather Center, Bingle reporting. Teddy Bear Diary’s crack team of weather bears has detected an enormous swirly thing heading directly for the Eastern Seaboard of North America. Citizens are urged to seek cover, evacuate stuff and wait to see what the heck it is. It looks worse that those electric jellyfish things we spotted last time!

…I’ve just been handed this note…also remember to stockpile lots of food like milk, bread and eggs in case you want to eat three days worth of French toast.

TDB News Network will be closely monitoring this developing situation. Ok…ok…we completely missed that earthquake thing, but this one seems more interesting.

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