Dudders carves a huge Jack-o-lantern

I thought I would take a break from my important corn research at Teddy Bear Diary to carve a Jack-o-Lantern! I built a robot Jack-o-Lantern, but it went berserk and ate Wally’s ranger hat. He said it needed to be blown up , but I’m not really sure it was entirely necessary. It’s Wally’s solution to just about everything. Anyway, my new pumpkin looks almost as friendly. Keep your pumpkins glowing!

Photo: Dudders, Teddy Bear Diary staff

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Alien Teddy Bear Reynold the rapper from Ursa Minor.

I am Reynolds the Rapper from Ursa Minor. I come to your planet on an important mission to bring the people of Earth decent music. Happy Halloween!

Photo: Reynolds (aka Wash, Teddy Bear Diary intern)

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Teddy Bear Straw Beary Stanley in a Halloween pumpkin

It's Pumpkin Time for Straw Beary Stanley.

Photo: Straw Beary Stanley

Halloween Fester Contest Entry

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Dooby Griffin's race to the top

Dooby Griffin, a Halloween view from the top. Hey today is 10/10/2010!

Photo: Dooby Griffin

Halloween Fester Prize Entry

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Robbie's new teddy bear Halloween costume.

My 1st halloween costume that my human made for me. i'm gonna wear it right up till christmas :)

Photo: Robbie Bear

Halloween Fester Prize entry.

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Get ready for the Teddy bear Halloween picture!

Let's get ready for the Halloween picture! Come on! Hurry up the timers going!

Get ready for Halloween Fester!

Ohay everyone, this is going to be the best Halloween Fester ever! Get ready for the picture: one...two...three....

Happy Halloween from the staff of Teddy Bear Diary!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the staff of Teddy Bear Diary! Hey! Who let that rabbit in here?

Hey everyone, it’s time for HALLOWEEN FESTER at Teddy Bear Diary! There’s PRIZES!!! We invite bears everywhere to help us with our trick or treating with a definite emphasis on the trick part. Send us you favorite teddy bear Halloween shots. You can be in costume, trick or treating, carving pumpkins or doing any other fun Fall stuff. Click on our picture submission page, email pictures directly to Bingle at “editor@[this domain] or post them to our Facebook page and we will upload them to our website all month long. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite teddy bear pictures.

Did we mention the PRIZES! Three scientifically selected entries (which means Dudders is going to mix them up in a big hat) are going to win a set of four Teddy Bear Diary staff magnets for their refrigerator and the the refrigerators of unsuspecting friends. And one extra lucky entry will win the staff magnets plus their choice of any of the amazing rubber stamps from Butter Side Down! Come out and help us celebrate our favorite holiday!

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The TBD staff lights some fireworks

Wally supervises as Tibbs lights the fireworks to start the Teddy Bear Diary staff party. "Happy 4th of July!"

Happy 4th of July!

“OK Tibbs! Ignition in 5…4…3…2…,” said Wally.

“Get off my head, Dingle!” yelled Bingle.

“Hey! What’s TNT mean?” said Sissy.

Photo: Dudders

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