Watch out for turtles

Driving is fun, but please remember to share the road. Slow down and watch for turtles this spring. Female turtles often cross the road to lay eggs. By slowing down, you will help both this generation and the next. Please don't hurt our friends. Share this message if your would like to help. Thank you!

Photo: Autumn

Location: Cape May County, New Jersey

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Dingle waves from Drum Point lighthouse

Today we are investigating the Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland. TBD news has received reports of a strange creature from these parts and it is our job to find the truth. Is there a monster prowling the Maryland coast? What will we uncover and is the government involved? The museum is also located near an ice cream stand. Whew!

Dingle views a bluefish

We've had sinister reports that something fishy is going on here at Solomons Island. I will just have a look around. Nothing can escape my piercing intellect.

A tank for growing genetic monsters!

I have to talk quickly before I am seen. This evidence could confirm our worst fears. We found a lab that was growing genetic monsters hidden in plain view of the public! I feel we are onto something big here. Possibly it is a secret government black project!

Calvert Cliffs Fossil display

Ok, I'm told that was a baby stingray, cute little fella too, but we did uncover a secret display of fossils from the famous Calvert Cliffs artfully hidden behind clear glass. Diabolical! Are these fossils evidence of a horrible monster?

Butter Side Down Stamps at the museum shop

Still no monster, but the museum shop does carry a great selection of fossil rubber stamps and lots of other fun stuff! I bought a new sticker and a magnet to maintain my cover.

Carcharodon megalodon

Well, we are happy to report a fun time at the museum and no sign of the reported monster. We can all breath a sigh of relief. This has been Dingle reporting for Teddy Bear Diary News at the Calvert Marine Museum on Solomons Island, Maryland.

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South Jersey Iris farm

Hello everyone! The Teddy Bear Diary staff recently visited the home of South Jersey Iris to look at the beautiful flowers and hopefully score some lunch. South Jersey Iris grows more than 1200 varieites of tall, bearded iris. That's way more fingers than I have so we will have to take their word for it.

Sissy examines a bearded iris.

It's so beautiful! Iris are edible, right?

A chicken spies Dingle.

I get the strangest feeling that I am being watched.

Bingle playing in the iris flowers

Well, we have had a very exciting day looking at all these tall flower things and learning about how to grow them. Apparently, you stick them in the dirt. Wow! Who would have thought of that! As it turns out, however, they are not as edible as we hoped so we are going stop at a squash farm on the way home. The gang can't wait to start squashing things for themselves! We'll make the farmers proud of us!

Photos: Teddy Bear Diary Staff Photographer

Many thanks to our host South Jersey Iris. We’ll pay for that broken stuff, honest.

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My favorite fishing spot!

Nothing beats a day fishing by the old mill house, my favorite fishing spot!

Tibbs catches another fish

"Hey, I caught another one!" said Tibbs. "That looks like the same fish," said Turtle Bob, "You got it tied to your line." "Um...don't mess with the moment, Bob."

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Have a heart for Earth Day. For one little bear to you.

My friends, we live on a wonderful planet, but we need to learn to share it with each other and with the other creatures that live here. Go out today and take a moment to notice how spectacularly beautiful it is, then do it tomorrow and every chance you get. If you will accept a suggestion from this one little bear, take care of of this very special place. The Earth is the only world we have, take care of it now and remember to take care of it every day. —Bingle

Happy Earth Day from the gang at

Teddy Bear Diary!

Please share this with your friends today.

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Simon le nounours my teddy bear

Simon watching a sunset at La Rochelle in Charente Maritime.

Photo: Simon le nounours

Location: La Rochelle in Charente Maritime, France.

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Garlic inspects a large daisy.

Ok, it's a flower...I'm not impressed. Can we leave now?

Photo: Garlic Spice

Location: Longwood Gardens, PA

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A deck chair view in Snowdonia, North Wales

Deckchairs in Snowdonia.

Photo: Wendy Bear

Location: Summit of Mt Snowdon, North Wales, UK

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