There's a giant spinning thing coming right at us!

Target East Coast!

Breaking News: This just in from the Teddy Bear Diary Weather Center, Bingle reporting. Teddy Bear Diary’s crack team of weather bears has detected an enormous swirly thing heading directly for the Eastern Seaboard of North America. Citizens are urged to seek cover, evacuate stuff and wait to see what the heck it is. It looks worse that those electric jellyfish things we spotted last time!

…I’ve just been handed this note…also remember to stockpile lots of food like milk, bread and eggs in case you want to eat three days worth of French toast.

TDB News Network will be closely monitoring this developing situation. Ok…ok…we completely missed that earthquake thing, but this one seems more interesting.

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Heritage Station Vineyard

We've traveled out today to Heritage Vineyards in Nw Jersey to inspect the wine. I've heard they grow pretty good wine here, but you know things are always better when there a proper teddy bear inspector on the scene.

Looking close at the Heritage Vineyard grapes

Strange. I didn't find any wine, just row after row of these purple things. They must get in the way of the wine trees so it's no wonder they have to keep squishing them.

Photo: Sadie

Location: Heritage Vineyards, Richwood, New Jersey

Stop by and sample the wine at Heritage Station!

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Fauxgue magazine is almost here!

Friends, the wait is almost over and the Spring/Summer issue of Fauxgue magazine is nearly here. The new issue will be out on March 1st! Fauxgue will contain the usual insightful collection of fascinating articles and features. Ahem, it will of course have the highly popular and modest Horoscope column from yours truly the All-Knowing Psychic Bingle. Don't miss it!

Fauxgue Magazine

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Look at my bad chariot!

Time to take my bad chariot for a cruise on the track. For you racing fans out there, this is my new Formula 2 speedster with all the latest hi-tech gadgets. I think this one even has a brake somewhere. Here's a picture of me down in the pit area! Vroom! Vroom! Outta my way!!

Photo: Jed

Racetrack, New Jersey

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Sir Ryan Teddy Bear at the Medieval Faire!

Ryan has a very special day at the Medieval Faire!

Behold Sir Ryan!

Duty calls for the knight errant!

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Photo: Happymichael

Life of Ryan

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Teddy bear love donuts

Donutology is an interesting field of study for a teddy bear. I will have to take these in for a careful analysis. We can start with coffee vs tea.

Photo: Dudders

Location: Amish Market, Mullica Hill, NJ.

Teddy Bear Diary Staff Photo

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All-Knowing Psychic Bingle's horoscopes

Hello Fans! Another of my amazing talents is revealed in the fall issue of Fauxgue. I have kept my true pschic nature hidden for far too long, but I have decided to share it at last. Read my life-changing horoscopes and uncanny predictions for your future. Remember, the All-Knowing Psychic Bingle knows everything. That's what all-knowing means.

See the All-Knowing Psychic Bingle in Fauxgue.

Photo: Teddy Bear Diary staff photographer

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See Bingle in the new issue of Fauxgue!

See the new Fall issue of Fauxgue on September 1st!

Bingle appears in the new issue of Fauxgue

Best wishes to my many adoring fans! I wish there were time to know each of you, but there isn’t so just keep sending the chocolate and know that I am thinking of you— Bingle

Yes Friends, I am delighted to let you know that Fauxgue magazine has landed none other than myself, Chief Editor of Teddy Bear Diary, for the Fall issue.

I cannot tell you how exciting it must be for them. Landing A-list celebrities is a coup for the magazine and I have to congratulate Fauxgue for their relentless pursuit of my publicist. I am sure that not having me on the cover is simply a way of building anticipation. I mean who is that white bear anyway?

By now I am certain all of you are wondering about the contents (of my article), but you will just have to wait until September 1st!

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