Christmas mail has arrived!

Wow, the Teddy Bear Diary luxury office suite is sure looking cheery this Christmas.

Frank and Miracle Bear sent a big box of goodies [and there better be some left when I turn around guys]. My pals Bubbles and Marley sent me a new stocking to hang for Santa! [Tibbs, get out of the way, you're blocking Marley's picture]. Special thanks also to Snowy Bear and Jenny for their Christmas wishes. We love reading our mail!
In this season of giving, the spirit may move you, and…if it moves you to send us stuff—we’ll take it! We like chocolates, ray guns, big tickets items and cards of all sorts. You can write to any of our staff c/o the address below. Merry Christmas!
[staff member] c/o
Teddy Bear Diary
PO Box 248
Richwood, NJ 08074
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Bingle and Dingle with their Christmas card

Elaine sent us a handmade Christmas card that has our own Teddy Bears Rule! stamp on it. Thank you Elaine! We love our Bear Mail!

Photo: Bingle, Chief Editor and Dingle, Head of Promotions at Teddy Bear Diary.

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Christmas presents from Germany!

The staff received a wonderful Christmas package all the way from Germany and our pals Burnie and Greg. The staff tucked into (i.e. squabbled over) the chocolates and card!

Traveling teddy bears

Burnie and Greg also sent a copy of their book about their adventures in Canada with our other pals Bubbles and Marley! What a cool gift. Thank you so much!!

Merry Christmas! Our viewers and friends are the best! Speaking of which, if you want to send me…ahem, I mean us… cards, letters, chocolates, large presents or boxes of cash you can address them to:

Bingle Bear
c/o Teddy Bear Diary
PO Box 248
Richwood, NJ 08074

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Star of wonder star so bright

We three bears are traveling far...

And lo, the three wise guys saw a star rising in the East. “We must follow this star,” said Bingle because he was the more mystical and all-knowing of the three.

“And we must take our trusty camel named Bob, because he likes walking for hundreds of miles in the desert,” said Tibbs who was less all-knowing, but more pragmatic.

“And we must carry expensive perfumes with funny names because we can trade them for cookies,” said Dingle who was less mystical and pragmatic than the others, but really liked cookies.

Photo: Dingle, Bingle, Tibbs

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Beautiful Christmas tree

I love Christmas trees, but not everyone will have a colorful Christmas tree this year.

Remember to help someone less fortunate than yourself this Christmas. It’s the best way to enjoy the holiday. Take it from the bears and please pass this message along from all of us at Teddy Bear Diary. Have a magical Christmas time!

Photo: Autumn

Location: Teddy Bear Diary Lobby

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Godzilla gives Bingle a boost

If I see farther, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Merry Christmas from me and Big G!

[Hey Dingle stop trying to to get in my picture, you're ruining it! ]

Photo: Bingle, Editor in Chief

Location: Teddy Bear Diary holiday retreat office

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Bingle prepared to read a story

It's been a long day, I think I will read the guys a story. HEY GUYS! Come on over for a story!

Oh boy, story time!

I love stories! Oh boy! What's it gonna be?

Dingle and Tibbs wonder what the story is.

I think you are going to like it. I picked it out special because you were working so hard today. Once upon a time....

Dingle and Tibbs run as fast as they can.

Ahhhhh! I'm outta here! No way, Tibbs, me first! Get out of my way!

A scary book about teddy bear autopsy

What? Don't you even want to know the ending?

Halloween is almost here! Join Teddy Bear Diary in celebrating the most creepy fun of the year. Send in your Halloween Teddy Bear and fuzzy costumes to us here or post them to our Facebook Halloween party and enter to win cool prizes!

Happy Halloween!


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Bingle and his Smarties

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Photo: Bingle Bear: Chief Editor of Teddy Bear Diary

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