The Teddy Bear Diary pile into their wagon transport.

We're going on a Teddy Bear Diary staff retreat!

Off to the Company Retreat: Everybody climb aboard!

Shotgun! Ouch! Quite pushing! Smile for the picture! Stop touching me! Ahhh! Where’s my feet! I can’t breath! Hold the camera higher, Dudders, you’re too short! When’s lunch? He’s touching me again! I need to go to the little bear’s room! Are we there yet?  I’m hungry! Did anyone remember the horse?

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Ah, nothing like finding good UFO books at my favorite used bookstore.

Used bookstores are great! Look what I found! They got so much stuff, how can I pick? Should I get a new book on UFO's, aliens or cursed Pharaohs? Seriously I'm in heaven here, guys.

Photo: Jed

Location: Muphy’s Loft, Mullica Hill, NJ

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Sailing the high seas

Everybody sing-a-long! Over the sea, let's go men, we're shoving right off, we're shoving right off again! Nobody knows where or when, we're shoving right off, we're shoving right off again! It may be Shanghai, farewell and good-bye, Sally and Sue, don't be blue, for we'll just be gone for years and years and then, we're shoving right off for home, shoving right for home, shoving right off for home again!

Photo: Keithy Bear

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Taking a hostage for pirate treasure.

Make sure the rope is nice and tight, don't want her squirming away before we get our treasure!

Pirate treasure! What a haul!

What a haul, just what we wanted, now Kill them both! MWHaaaahahahahahahahahahah... Wait, what's that?

Look out! A crocodile!

Ahhhh! A crocodile!

Run awaaaay!


Getaway in the pirate ship

Making our escape on our pirate ship.

Photo: Daniel Bear, Little Dan, Ploofer Meehz, William Bear, Michael Duck

Thanks for the fun, Pirates!

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Ryan takes a refreshing walk in the snow

Hey, all my Euro Bear Friends... it Finally Snowed Here too! Happy Holidays! Picture Location: Herndon, Virginia, U.S.A.

Photo: Ryan Lorenc-Haluska

Life of Ryan

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Exploring an Indian burial ground

W...w...ww..wwe're not scared! Dingle and I went for a walk in the yard after work and decided to take a short cut through the ancient Indian Burial Ground. I do this all the time, of course, but Dingle seemed afraid. I was there so I don't know what he needed to be afraid of....err....did you just hear something? Hey guys! Is that one of you out there? Hmm...everyone must have left the office for the day. gotta run. Bye.

Photo: TBD Staff

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dingle gets checked=

teddy bear check up

Hey, this isn't so bad.

hand eye coordination teddy bear test

I aced the hand/eye coordination test—piece of cake!

teddy bear meets stethoscope

Yikes, would ya warm that thing up first!

Fit for Life

Whoohoo! I got a clean bill of health. I told you I didn't have fleas!

Photos: TBD staff

Many thanks to the Pitman Animal Hospital for their Teddy Bear Care.

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Bingle's birthday wish

Happy Birthday Bingle! Love Coraline and Bobo.

Photo: Pat B.

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