Leilani Humunukunalanikahuapaani sees a Hawaiian sunset.

Leilani Humunukunalanikahuapaani enjoys a magnificent Hawaiian sunset.

Photo: Leilani Humunukunalanikahuapaani

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A visit to the Reading Diner.

Sissy continues her search for the perfect pancake. Sausage gravy would be nice too. Today her travels take her to Reading, Pennsylvania. Boy is that restaurant going to be surprised!

Photo: Sissy, Teddy Bear Diary Customer Relations and freelance food critic.

Teddy Bear Diary staff photographer

Location: Reading, PA

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Teddy Bear high over Moscow

Sky bear gets a bird's-eye-view of the Russian capital.

Photo: Dale Cougar Armstrong

Cougar’s Creations

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Teddy Tedaloo on the Thames, London.

Teddy Tedaloo takes a cruise near Westminster Bridge on the Thames, London.

Guarding Her Majesty the Queen.

Teddy Tedaloo, the Queen's guard at Buckingham Palace.

Photo: Teddy Tedaloo

Photographer: Mitzi Szereto

Mitzi Szereto Blog

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Sir Ryan Teddy Bear at the Medieval Faire!

Ryan has a very special day at the Medieval Faire!

Behold Sir Ryan!

Duty calls for the knight errant!

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Photo: Happymichael

Life of Ryan

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Teddy Tedaloo Meets Elvis Presley

Elvis is in the building!

Picture: Teddy Tedaloo

Mitzi Szereto

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A deck chair view in Snowdonia, North Wales

Deckchairs in Snowdonia.

Photo: Wendy Bear

Location: Summit of Mt Snowdon, North Wales, UK

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A preview shot from an upcoming Misery Bear movie.

Hey Fuzzies! Our friend Misery Bear sent us a preview shot from an upcoming Misery Bear film. Cover your eyes, it looks really scary!

Photo: Misery Bear

Misery Bear Movies

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