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Meet the staff of Teddy Bear Diary

Here’s a chance to get to know the dedicated staff at Butter Side Down that brings you Teddy Bear Diary. After an extensive search and review process we assembled the most talented teddy bears in the world. And after a careful review of our budget, we decided to go with these guys instead.

Bingle: Chief Editor

bingle editor in chief

A bear of leisure.

Bingle oversees the day to day operations of Butter Side Down. He does this by letting everyone else do the work for him. To put a fine point on it, he’s noticed the word “Chief” is in his title and believes it is there for a good reason. Bingle is a bear of leisure and does not like work to cut into that.

Wally: Staff Enforcer

Wally Bear the enforcer

“Let me see your papers!”

Wally stomps about the office demanding, “Let me see your papers!” Any paper will do since he never looks at them. He bought a Junior Forest Ranger badge in Coronado National Forest and is darn proud of the status it accords him. Wally is fond of practical jokes and is forever playing office pranks. He recently convinced Tibbs that the power outlet was a knife holder. The smell of burning fur never seems to leave the office. Wally claims to be an expert bungie jumper.

Dudders: Science Advisor
Forever planning his next experiment, Dudders is fascinated by all things…no, really…everything. He thinks corn is very interesting. His unfinished research covers most of the office and most of it is unfinished because Wally keeps hiding his pencils. The other bears turn to him to solve technical issues both real and imagined. Not much gets solved, but everyone feels better in the end. Dudders loves Science Fiction and believes the other bears think he is cool and enjoy his Star Trek references.

Dudders is the science advisor

Corn is very interesting.

Tibbs: Accounting

Tibbs is the account at Teddy Bear Diary

Tibbs can count anything.

Tibbs can count anything as long as it does not go higher than five. Since that is three more than most of the other teddy bears, he is in charge of accounting. His mind is like a steel trap and nothing escapes it. Tibbs claims that he does his best work while sleeping so you can usually find him working hard in his office hammock.

Dingle: Head of Promotions

Dingle director of teddy bear promotions

“Go to the website!”

Dingle is Bingle’s cousin from the Ozarks. He promotes things for Butter Side Down. He recently promoted himself to Head of Promotions and is pondering the need for another promotion later in the year. He call’s random people on the phone and yells, “Go to the website!” then hangs up.

Dingle also started a letter-writing campaign. He got to letter “D” before getting bored and wandering off.

Sissy: Complaints and Collections

sissy complaint department

Don’t mess with Sissy.

Don’t mess with Sissy. She’s got ‘tude and is not afraid to share it. Sissy rules her department with an iron fist.  She also bites without warning.

Scott: Office Lackey and Coffee Boy

Scott: Office Lackey and Coffee Boy

He's not too bright, but can make coffee.

Scott (right side in picture) makes the coffee and fetches things when needed. The bears suspect he is not very bright, but they humor him all the same.

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18 Responses to “Meet the staff of Teddy Bear Diary”

  1. jenny says:

    hey guys just got done checking out the web site its awesome i love it keep up the great work you guys are truely awesome fur people with great talents

  2. haeschen weidermann says:

    Can I order coffee from Scott as well? He looks cute!

  3. Bingle says:

    Ugh, you know he is going to be showing that comment to the rest of the staff all day.

  4. joe soap says:

    ello! smart wepsiyt! aliyk ta traffel yo pikshas ar ver intrsink INDeeed xxx

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  6. Lynn Capizzo says:

    Way too much fun. Love your site. Thanks for adding my “Antique Teddy Bear Crossing” link. Just to let you know I’ve added a reciprical link as well. Bears Rule!
    Thanks, Lynn Capizzo

  7. Bingle says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for the kind words and for the return link as well. Our teddy bear staff aims to please. If any of your elder teddy bears travel somewhere interesting, please send us a picture!

  8. What Hard-Working Bears you all are!

    I’m Glad that I am a ‘little’ Bear and do not have to Work So Hard!

    But, I see that what you Do Helps Make People Happy… and this is Good!

    – Ryan

  9. kira says:

    What should I get my bear for his birthday he is turning 1 any ideas?

  10. Bingle says:

    Bears love new hats and backpacks.

  11. kira says:

    i just wanted to say thanks for the advice yesterday was my bears birthday and he had a great time with his friends. P.S he is in love with Sissy

  12. Timmy says:

    Hello, I am a Fellow Bear and I love this site!

  13. Kathy says:

    Love your staff photos. I’m friends with a twin sister of Sissy! I take my teddy traveling also.

  14. Bingle says:

    We love fellow travelers if you care to share some pictures with us :)

  15. Kira says:

    Hey guys not quite sure what to get my second eldest for her 2nd birthday and I would like to get her something special last year she got a pair of pajamas don’t know what to get her thought about a movie but reconsidering do you know anything for girl bears her age?

  16. Bingle says:

    Well, if you are into fashion, you could go upscale with some handmade fashions from the good folks at Bearmani http://www.bearmani.com or [shameless plug alert] you could choose from the History of Teddy Bear Kind Collection of rubber stamps at http://buttersidedownstamps.com. We hope you find something wonderful for her. Best of luck with the search!

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  18. yellowfrog says:

    What’s Dudder’s theory on crop circles in corn fields? Can bears get rabies?

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