Star of wonder star so bright

We three bears are traveling far...

And lo, the three wise guys saw a star rising in the East. “We must follow this star,” said Bingle because he was the more mystical and all-knowing of the three.

“And we must take our trusty camel named Bob, because he likes walking for hundreds of miles in the desert,” said Tibbs who was less all-knowing, but more pragmatic.

“And we must carry expensive perfumes with funny names because we can trade them for cookies,” said Dingle who was less mystical and pragmatic than the others, but really liked cookies.

Photo: Dingle, Bingle, Tibbs

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A Christmas lizard ornament

I found a lizard on the Christmas tree! What's on your tree this year? Leave a comment for us and then, remember to help someone less fortunate this holiday. I am here to tell you that you will be a real big hero to a lot of bears if you do. Please share this with your friends and have a very Merry Christmas!

Photo: Jed

Location: Teddy Bear Diary Lobby

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Beautiful Christmas tree

I love Christmas trees, but not everyone will have a colorful Christmas tree this year.

Remember to help someone less fortunate than yourself this Christmas. It’s the best way to enjoy the holiday. Take it from the bears and please pass this message along from all of us at Teddy Bear Diary. Have a magical Christmas time!

Photo: Autumn

Location: Teddy Bear Diary Lobby

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A lovely Christmas tree skull

So...what's on your tree this year?

Leave a comment and tell us or send a picture. Pass it along!

Photo: Gus

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Godzilla gives Bingle a boost

If I see farther, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Merry Christmas from me and Big G!

[Hey Dingle stop trying to to get in my picture, you're ruining it! ]

Photo: Bingle, Editor in Chief

Location: Teddy Bear Diary holiday retreat office

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Warwick Castle and teddy bear

Here are sum pikchurz frum me in Warwicked!

Timber house near Warwick

Ted and timber house.

Photo: Teddy Tedaloo

Location: Warwick Castle

Mitzi Szereto

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Nov 112011
Half binary day?

Something's happening here and what it is ain't exactly clear....

Photo: Bingle

Location: Teddy Bear News Central

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Teddy bears at the Halloween Haunted House

Well...that's twenty bucks we'll never get back. Let's go find some candy.

Photo: Teddy Bear Diary Haunted House

Happy Halloween!

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