Frank and Miracle Bear get a prize from Teddy Bear Diary

Frank and Miracle Bear looks mighty excited with their prize envelope from Teddy Bear Diary. The happy couple won the 3rd runner up prize in our Halloween Fester celebration. Thank you for sending the picture guys!

Photo: Frank and Miracle Bear

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Bubbles the duck at christmas with Marley

I think we're surrounded by Christmas, Bubbles.

Photo: Marley and Bubbles

Bubbles World

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Hey I was working on a snowman not a snowball fight!

Making a snow bear! Turns into a snow ball fight tee hee!!

Photo: Tat

Photographer: Dale Reardon

Bears on Location

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Looking for a good reindeer job.

Hi! I'm busy looking for a Crimbo job to pay for it all...

Photo: Wendy Harris

Da Biggest Bestest Christmas Celebration

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Navidad 2010

Mi advent calendar with chocolate! yum yum. hehehehe.

Photo: Travis Isern

Da Biggest Bestest Christmas Celebration

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Dooby Griffin Gets His Christmas Cards!

Photo: Dooby Griffin

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Three little teddy bears need your help.

We need your help.

A special message from Bingle, Chief Editor of Teddy Bear Diary:

Tonight, these three little teddy bears need your help. They were found lost and in need of a home. The staff of Teddy Bear Diary has taken them in with the hope of finding them a nice and caring family for the new year.

Will that be your family?

Their names are Abby Mae, Betty Jane Maybeary and Bobbi Sue Maybeary. All are distinctively Boyd’s Bears complete with tags and have all their shots. Each bear is about 6 inches tall and hoping for a family to take them in (providing they have lots of food and a television). Adoption processing for all three bears is just $12(US) plus postage to wherever their new family is so act now and let their family join yours. Please email editor[@] if you wish adopt them.

Thank you,


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Kisses for Christmas anyone?

Mistletoe and wine! Looking for kisses under the mistletoe. Any takers?

Photo: Jethro G Bear

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