Merry Christmas from the Teddy Bear Diary staff!

Wishing all of our friends a very Merry Christmas and a lovely season no matter where you are or what religion you choose. Best wishes from Teddy Bear Diary!

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Packing candy for the great sequester

I am almost ready packing for my sequester! Just think, they do this every afternoon in Mexico. What a great country!

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Dingle waves from Drum Point lighthouse

Today we are investigating the Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland. TBD news has received reports of a strange creature from these parts and it is our job to find the truth. Is there a monster prowling the Maryland coast? What will we uncover and is the government involved? The museum is also located near an ice cream stand. Whew!

Dingle views a bluefish

We've had sinister reports that something fishy is going on here at Solomons Island. I will just have a look around. Nothing can escape my piercing intellect.

A tank for growing genetic monsters!

I have to talk quickly before I am seen. This evidence could confirm our worst fears. We found a lab that was growing genetic monsters hidden in plain view of the public! I feel we are onto something big here. Possibly it is a secret government black project!

Calvert Cliffs Fossil display

Ok, I'm told that was a baby stingray, cute little fella too, but we did uncover a secret display of fossils from the famous Calvert Cliffs artfully hidden behind clear glass. Diabolical! Are these fossils evidence of a horrible monster?

Butter Side Down Stamps at the museum shop

Still no monster, but the museum shop does carry a great selection of fossil rubber stamps and lots of other fun stuff! I bought a new sticker and a magnet to maintain my cover.

Carcharodon megalodon

Well, we are happy to report a fun time at the museum and no sign of the reported monster. We can all breath a sigh of relief. This has been Dingle reporting for Teddy Bear Diary News at the Calvert Marine Museum on Solomons Island, Maryland.

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Unveiling the new dragon at the Teddy Bear Diary office.

The Chief Editor and Dingle pose beside the new dragon in the Teddy Bear Diary office foyer. Happy New Year everyone. Make the Year of the Dragon a good one!

Photo: Bingle and Dingle

Location: Teddy Bear Diary Towers, NJ

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Doctor Who Christmas ornaments

Whoohoo! New Who stuff for Christmas! Watch out, Dingle, that dalek is pointing your way.

Merry Christmas from us to you!

Warmest wishes from all the bears at Teddy Bear Diary!

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Christmas mail has arrived!

Wow, the Teddy Bear Diary luxury office suite is sure looking cheery this Christmas.

Frank and Miracle Bear sent a big box of goodies [and there better be some left when I turn around guys]. My pals Bubbles and Marley sent me a new stocking to hang for Santa! [Tibbs, get out of the way, you're blocking Marley's picture]. Special thanks also to Snowy Bear and Jenny for their Christmas wishes. We love reading our mail!
In this season of giving, the spirit may move you, and…if it moves you to send us stuff—we’ll take it! We like chocolates, ray guns, big tickets items and cards of all sorts. You can write to any of our staff c/o the address below. Merry Christmas!
[staff member] c/o
Teddy Bear Diary
PO Box 248
Richwood, NJ 08074
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Bingle and Dingle with their Christmas card

Elaine sent us a handmade Christmas card that has our own Teddy Bears Rule! stamp on it. Thank you Elaine! We love our Bear Mail!

Photo: Bingle, Chief Editor and Dingle, Head of Promotions at Teddy Bear Diary.

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Star of wonder star so bright

We three bears are traveling far...

And lo, the three wise guys saw a star rising in the East. “We must follow this star,” said Bingle because he was the more mystical and all-knowing of the three.

“And we must take our trusty camel named Bob, because he likes walking for hundreds of miles in the desert,” said Tibbs who was less all-knowing, but more pragmatic.

“And we must carry expensive perfumes with funny names because we can trade them for cookies,” said Dingle who was less mystical and pragmatic than the others, but really liked cookies.

Photo: Dingle, Bingle, Tibbs

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