Bingle prepared to read a story

It's been a long day, I think I will read the guys a story. HEY GUYS! Come on over for a story!

Oh boy, story time!

I love stories! Oh boy! What's it gonna be?

Dingle and Tibbs wonder what the story is.

I think you are going to like it. I picked it out special because you were working so hard today. Once upon a time....

Dingle and Tibbs run as fast as they can.

Ahhhhh! I'm outta here! No way, Tibbs, me first! Get out of my way!

A scary book about teddy bear autopsy

What? Don't you even want to know the ending?

Halloween is almost here! Join Teddy Bear Diary in celebrating the most creepy fun of the year. Send in your Halloween Teddy Bear and fuzzy costumes to us here or post them to our Facebook Halloween party and enter to win cool prizes!

Happy Halloween!


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South Jersey Iris farm

Hello everyone! The Teddy Bear Diary staff recently visited the home of South Jersey Iris to look at the beautiful flowers and hopefully score some lunch. South Jersey Iris grows more than 1200 varieites of tall, bearded iris. That's way more fingers than I have so we will have to take their word for it.

Sissy examines a bearded iris.

It's so beautiful! Iris are edible, right?

A chicken spies Dingle.

I get the strangest feeling that I am being watched.

Bingle playing in the iris flowers

Well, we have had a very exciting day looking at all these tall flower things and learning about how to grow them. Apparently, you stick them in the dirt. Wow! Who would have thought of that! As it turns out, however, they are not as edible as we hoped so we are going stop at a squash farm on the way home. The gang can't wait to start squashing things for themselves! We'll make the farmers proud of us!

Photos: Teddy Bear Diary Staff Photographer

Many thanks to our host South Jersey Iris. We’ll pay for that broken stuff, honest.

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Harry Potter needs a teddy bear.

I wonder if Harry has a teddy bear. We're getting ready for the big opening day of Deathly Hallows 2 with our new Harry Potter Lego set! The is a review copy isn't it, Bingle? We already already busted into the package so we get to keep it, right?

Photo: Dingle

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Happy Christmas from the whole teddy bear staff.

Dudders: "OK everyone get ready for the picture. Wally! Look over here! Tibbs! Leave the candy cane alone! Sissy, no biting! Dingle hold that sign steady. Stop fidgeting, Bingle! OK…ready? Saaay CHOCOLATE!!!!

Warmest Wishes from the whole Teddy Bear Diary staff!

Photo: Dudders, Christmas Science Adviser

Meet the staff of Teddy Bear Diary

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teddy bear eye exam

I went for an EYE EXAM Bingle! Change that title now! You will have to pardon our TBD editor, folks. Anyway, here I am bravely staring into a strange contraption. The worst part was that every time I looked into it— someone was looking back!! We're talking WEIRD, X-Files stuff here.

A clean bill of health!

Whoohoo! I got a clean bill of health from the Doc. Take that Dudders!

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Exploring an Indian burial ground

W...w...ww..wwe're not scared! Dingle and I went for a walk in the yard after work and decided to take a short cut through the ancient Indian Burial Ground. I do this all the time, of course, but Dingle seemed afraid. I was there so I don't know what he needed to be afraid of....err....did you just hear something? Hey guys! Is that one of you out there? Hmm...everyone must have left the office for the day. gotta run. Bye.

Photo: TBD Staff

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dingle gets checked=

teddy bear check up

Hey, this isn't so bad.

hand eye coordination teddy bear test

I aced the hand/eye coordination test—piece of cake!

teddy bear meets stethoscope

Yikes, would ya warm that thing up first!

Fit for Life

Whoohoo! I got a clean bill of health. I told you I didn't have fleas!

Photos: TBD staff

Many thanks to the Pitman Animal Hospital for their Teddy Bear Care.

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The TBD staff lights some fireworks

Wally supervises as Tibbs lights the fireworks to start the Teddy Bear Diary staff party. "Happy 4th of July!"

Happy 4th of July!

“OK Tibbs! Ignition in 5…4…3…2…,” said Wally.

“Get off my head, Dingle!” yelled Bingle.

“Hey! What’s TNT mean?” said Sissy.

Photo: Dudders

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