teddy bear eye exam

I went for an EYE EXAM Bingle! Change that title now! You will have to pardon our TBD editor, folks. Anyway, here I am bravely staring into a strange contraption. The worst part was that every time I looked into it— someone was looking back!! We're talking WEIRD, X-Files stuff here.

A clean bill of health!

Whoohoo! I got a clean bill of health from the Doc. Take that Dudders!

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dingle gets checked=

teddy bear check up

Hey, this isn't so bad.

hand eye coordination teddy bear test

I aced the hand/eye coordination test—piece of cake!

teddy bear meets stethoscope

Yikes, would ya warm that thing up first!

Fit for Life

Whoohoo! I got a clean bill of health. I told you I didn't have fleas!

Photos: TBD staff

Many thanks to the Pitman Animal Hospital for their Teddy Bear Care.

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