Teddy bear love donuts

Donutology is an interesting field of study for a teddy bear. I will have to take these in for a careful analysis. We can start with coffee vs tea.

Photo: Dudders

Location: Amish Market, Mullica Hill, NJ.

Teddy Bear Diary Staff Photo

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Dudders carves a huge Jack-o-lantern

I thought I would take a break from my important corn research at Teddy Bear Diary to carve a Jack-o-Lantern! I built a robot Jack-o-Lantern, but it went berserk and ate Wally’s ranger hat. He said it needed to be blown up , but I’m not really sure it was entirely necessary. It’s Wally’s solution to just about everything. Anyway, my new pumpkin looks almost as friendly. Keep your pumpkins glowing!

Photo: Dudders, Teddy Bear Diary staff

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