Bingle meets the giant monsters at the convention.

Dingle, when you said I was speaking at a convention, I assumed you booked a teddy bear convention!!! Hey! Where are you going? Get back over here. DINGLE!!!

Speaking at a convention often means a tough crowd.

Sigh...if I live through this, I am seriously going to kill my Head of Promotions.

Photo: Bingle, Dingle and Giant Monsters

Location: New Jersey Kaiju Convention

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Heritage Station Vineyard

We've traveled out today to Heritage Vineyards in Nw Jersey to inspect the wine. I've heard they grow pretty good wine here, but you know things are always better when there a proper teddy bear inspector on the scene.

Looking close at the Heritage Vineyard grapes

Strange. I didn't find any wine, just row after row of these purple things. They must get in the way of the wine trees so it's no wonder they have to keep squishing them.

Photo: Sadie

Location: Heritage Vineyards, Richwood, New Jersey

Stop by and sample the wine at Heritage Station!

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Flea markets have a lot of stuff!

I'm here at the flea market and there sure is a lot of stuff! Heck, these people even brought their laundry!

Jed looks at a fishing reel.

Aha, I think I have spotted exactly what I wanted!

Jed holds a golden Pinnacle fishing reel

This golden fishing reel is so major cool! I think I just might have found a new hobby! Where do they keep the fish?

Photo: Jed

Location: Lancing Lure & Rig, Tac-Pal Flea Market, NJ

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The Teddy Bear Diary pile into their wagon transport.

We're going on a Teddy Bear Diary staff retreat!

Off to the Company Retreat: Everybody climb aboard!

Shotgun! Ouch! Quite pushing! Smile for the picture! Stop touching me! Ahhh! Where’s my feet! I can’t breath! Hold the camera higher, Dudders, you’re too short! When’s lunch? He’s touching me again! I need to go to the little bear’s room! Are we there yet?  I’m hungry! Did anyone remember the horse?

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Ah, nothing like finding good UFO books at my favorite used bookstore.

Used bookstores are great! Look what I found! They got so much stuff, how can I pick? Should I get a new book on UFO's, aliens or cursed Pharaohs? Seriously I'm in heaven here, guys.

Photo: Jed

Location: Muphy’s Loft, Mullica Hill, NJ

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Look at my bad chariot!

Time to take my bad chariot for a cruise on the track. For you racing fans out there, this is my new Formula 2 speedster with all the latest hi-tech gadgets. I think this one even has a brake somewhere. Here's a picture of me down in the pit area! Vroom! Vroom! Outta my way!!

Photo: Jed

Racetrack, New Jersey

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