Happy Christmas from the whole teddy bear staff.

Dudders: "OK everyone get ready for the picture. Wally! Look over here! Tibbs! Leave the candy cane alone! Sissy, no biting! Dingle hold that sign steady. Stop fidgeting, Bingle! OK…ready? Saaay CHOCOLATE!!!!

Warmest Wishes from the whole Teddy Bear Diary staff!

Photo: Dudders, Christmas Science Adviser

Meet the staff of Teddy Bear Diary

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The TBD staff lights some fireworks

Wally supervises as Tibbs lights the fireworks to start the Teddy Bear Diary staff party. "Happy 4th of July!"

Happy 4th of July!

“OK Tibbs! Ignition in 5…4…3…2…,” said Wally.

“Get off my head, Dingle!” yelled Bingle.

“Hey! What’s TNT mean?” said Sissy.

Photo: Dudders

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Tibbs goes fishing near Beach Haven, NJ.

When I'm not busy at the TDB Accounting office, I like to spend the day fishing on my yacht—Tibbs

Boating in Little Egg Harbor

I think the key to fishing is catching fish. I consider it an important element to the activity.

Tibbs catches a fish at the new jersey shore

It was a desperate struggle, but I finally landed this monster yellowfin. Wally nearly went over board trying to gaff it in.

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Tidd is our teddy accountant Visit our Meet the Staff page for a behind the scenes look at Teddy Bear Diary.

Tibbs from Accounting

Meet the Staff of Teddy Bear Diary

Photo: Bingle

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