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Welcome to Teddy Bear Diary, home to the world’s traveling teddy bears.  The bears heartily invite you to comment on their activities, but they have a few ground rules.

  • Don’t upset the bears.
  • Teddy Bear Diary is a fun place to be and we wish to keep it that way.
  • This site is rated G. We’re not prudes, but please mind your matters. No extreme language or attitudes and be civil to the other commentators. Anything threatening, racist, abusive or otherwise inappropriate will not be tolerated.
  • All comments are moderated at the discretion of the bears. We want to place your posts so keep in mind the above few rules and our crack team of teddy bear editors will not look askance at you.

If you wish to speak to the bears, please email editor@teddybeardiary.com.

See our teddy bear picture tips if you wish to submit a picture.

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