teddy bear diary

Tips for Plush Nature Photographers

We want to post your teddy bear picture submission, but we cannot post them all. These tips will help to improve your chances.

  • Be creative. Be imaginative. Be interesting.
  • No overt advertising.
  • VERY IMPORTANT.  All pictures must be rated G or PG.  We are not prudes, but show some discretion.
  • No teddy bears (animals, people or property) can be harmed for the making of the picture.
  • Teddy bears and other fluffy friends are great for pictures, but generally keep your people out of the shot.
  • Get in closer so we can see your teddy bear. A tiny teddy bear next to a gigantic elephant is not going to work, but a close up of a bear next to an elephant’s foot will.
  • Don’t get stepped on by the elephant while taking the pictures.
  • No Photoshoping without a good reason. Anyone can insert the Eiffel Tower into the background. If you can’t get to Paris, take your teddy where you are going. The picture will be better.
  • Keep people hands and arms out of the frame unless they are supposed to be there.
  • Get down to teddy bear level when you shoot the picture. Too many of the pictures we see are looking down at the teddy or up at the teddy. We should be able to see your teddy bear’s eyes if he or she is looking at us.
  • When people ask you “What the heck you are doing?” tell them to look for you on TeddyBearDiary.com.
  • It is possible for us do a little picture cropping for you if needed, but the best shots (hence more desirable) will not need it.
  • Teddy in a fun pose? Take lots of pictures, experiment with angles and perspective, then send us only the very best ones.
  • Have fun.

Proceed to the picture submission page.

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